A Year Later, Tactical Laser Tag is Still Strong for Rebounderz

We designed and installed a new tactical laser tag arena for Rebounderz Indoor Trampoline Arena and Extreme Fun Center in Jacksonville, FL in 2016.

When Laura and David Zorn first opened Rebounderz several years ago, they already had a laser tag attraction in the facility. It was a do-it-yourself arena design, and after just a couple years of use, the Zorns realized this was not a viable option for their business.

The Zorns were looking toward the future with much bigger plans, and they knew we would help them get there. “We chose creative works because we knew they were an industry leader in multi level arena design, and they were very open to expanding their resources and work[ing] with our game equipment provider in order to match the arena design and theme with our tactical style play,” commented Lori Schumacher, Special Events and Promotions Coordinator at Rebounderz.

The Zorns wanted their laser tag to be a much larger part of their establishment. Their goal was to the be one of the biggest in the country with an upscale look and feel. The new 8,000 square foot multi-room arena combined tactical weaponry and realistic combat.

Chris Savoy, our lead designer, spent two weeks on site. This was our first tactical arena and he was hands-on while everything was fabricated on location. This unique opportunity allowed us to use real life objects instead of props. Our team installed a real Volkswagen truck bed, a stone foundation, and a custom second-level structure; all of which helped create the Middle Eastern aesthetic the Zorns were looking for.

Tactical Laser Tag Arena

Traditional laser tag arenas are illuminated entirely by black light. But we used a mixture of black light and white light fixtures for the Rebounderz tactical arena. The final result was an interactive arena where guests could be fully immersed in the themed environment.

After opening, the updated attraction was well received by guests. Schumacher added, “Every customer who walks into the laser tag arena is in awe of the design and detail of the space. They have so much fun in every game! To see their smiles and excitement from when they enter the game and when they leave tells us that we made the right decision to move forward with Creative Works on our Laser Tag expansion.”

And a year later, the Rebounderz team knows they made the right decision. Their laser tag has continued growing in popularity. “We opened the new arena in April of 2016 and since the opening the number of laser tag tickets sold has increased by 25%,” said Schumacher. But the improvements didn’t stop there. Since the renovation, which included updates across the facility, they have experienced “over 20% growth in food and beverage, and over 10% in arcade revenues.”

This tactical arena is North Florida’s biggest and most extreme laser tag! Our team is excited to see where this new arena takes Rebounderz in the future.

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