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Creative Works Innovation Showcase 2023

Russ Van Natta and Danny Gruening from Creative Works unveil the products and features that will bring more customers into your venue and improve your guest experience.

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The 4 Keys to Opening a New Entertainment Venue

David Wallace from Turfway Entertainment shares insights to analyze your competitors, understand your audience, and create a successful attraction mix.

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The Secrets to Successful PR Campaigns

Kevin Loughery from Prosper Communications will teach you how to get others (including local news outlets) to tell your story and gain instant credibility with your customers.

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Communication Training with a Hostage Negotiator

Scott Harvey, an FBI trained hostage negotiator, will help you improve your communication skills, break the radio silence, and lead more effectively during times of change.

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Hyperdeck VR Launch

Special Guest – Michael Bridgman from MajorMega

Learn how Hyperdeck VR is shattering expectations and why Creative Works partnered with MajorMega to bring this attraction to new markets.

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Hyperdeck Webinar

Unlock the Secrets of Escape Rooms

Special Guests – Amy Palmer (Booby Trap Escape Rooms) and Chris & Bobby Hogue (814 Lanes and Games)

Learn how to select the proper escape room business model for your market, demographics, and overall business goals.

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Escape Room Webinar

Building a Successful FEC

Special Guest -David Wallace (Turfway Entertainment)

Learn about the most important aspects of opening a new family entertainment center, including feasibility studies, timelines, and operations.

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How to Create a Successful Esports Program

Special Guests -William Patterson (ggCircuit) and Shawn Smith (GYO)

Learn why Esports is growing in popularity, where your location-based entertainment business fits into the equation, and how to create a program that generates revenue.

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