Laser Tag Arenas

Custom Theming - Storyboarding - FX - Fabrication

Laser tag is one of the most profitable attractions in the industry — when it’s done right. Increase revenue, amaze your guests, and dominate your market with next level features in immersive laser tag adventures. Don’t be average when you can be EPIC!

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Story-driven, Social & Immersive Laser Tag Arenas

Get customers out of their homes and into your center with an amazing adventure they can’t get anywhere else. We combine your vision with inspiration from the latest movies and video games to create a story-driven, social, and immersive laser tag experience. These laser tag attractions are extremely profitable, have a high capacity for groups and parties, and encourage repeat play through social competition with friends.

See Exactly How Much Revenue Laser Tag Can Generate For You


“We were totally blown away by the final results. Seeing the looks on our customers’ faces as they enter the laser tag arena proves the WOW effect is real.”


Special Effects & Interactive Atmospheres

Surprise and delight laser tag players with lighting, sound, video, and fog effects automatically triggered when they tag a base or target. Our team of highly skilled technicians — with backgrounds in video production, lighting design, audio engineering, and software control — work closely with your laser tag equipment vendor to design truly interactive DMX scenes.

Want to see how the magic can start before guests enter the arena? Check out how we create the ultimate reveal to launch your guests into the experience.


Your Turnkey Laser Tag Partner

How do you make sure you’re not reinventing the wheel, but still creating something totally unique? Our turnkey laser tag arenas are customized to meet the needs of your market and we handle everything from concepting through installation and beyond. When you partner with us, our project managers make your journey a whole lot easier by working directly with your architects, contractors, electricians, inspectors,  and fire marshals.


Armando Lanuti explains how we created a Destiny-inspired laser tag theme for Drakeshire Lanes in Michigan.

Laser Tag Training

Laser tag is a big investment with huge ROI potential but there’s a lot to learn. All our clients gain exclusive access to Amusement Mastery, a collection of video training courses that helps you and your team be more efficient and deliver better customer experiences. Learn why live briefing is important and how to efficiently move guests through the attraction. Get training on the tools and equipment. And much more!

Operate Your Laser Tag


Boost your revenue with our EPIC Arenas laser tag arenas!

Watch as we worked with Kalahari resort to complete a fully customized, 4-themes-in-one laser tag arena.

Check out the lighting, sound, video, and special effects of our epic laser tag arenas.

Differentiate yourself from your competition by using our interactive targets, DMX light shows and fog effects to enhance the story of your arena’s theme.

Our concept artist, Tori, describes how we created a futuristic steampunk themed laser tag arena.

Our concept artist, Tori, describes how we created an Art Deco / Sci-Fi / NYC themed laser tag arena.

Watch the process of how we created a laser tag monster prop from 3D modeling, to sculpting, to the black light paint.

Our Foam Department Head, Martin, explains how we created a giant Ent-like tree prop for laser tag, out of foam.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for laser tag?

    First, decide how many players you want to house all at once. A total of 150-182 square feet per player will ensure you have enough room for the arena, vesting room, briefing room, and control room.

  • What laser tag equipment should I use?

    Our arenas work with any equipment! The five vendors we work with most often are Delta Strike, iCombat, Laser Blast, Laserforce, and Zone Laser Tag. Need more advice? Let’s talk

  • What theme should I choose for my arena?

    This depends on everything from geographic location to target demographic or existing competition. Read this article or request a quote and we can help figure out what makes sense for your facility.

  • How much does a laser tag attraction cost?

    Every arena we build is custom and everyone’s needs are different. Tell us more about your project and we can put together a proposal that fits your needs and budget.

  • Are your arenas custom designed?

    Our design team creates custom layouts and architectural prints specifically for your space (size, shape, flow, etc). In addition, we customize mural work, color schemes, props, and more to completely tailor it to your final vision.

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