Escape Rooms

Turnkey, Fully Themed Experiences. No Franchise Fees.

Transport your guests to another world — and keep them coming back for more. Ever wonder why escape rooms have exploded in popularity? The fully themed environments deliver memorable experiences customers can’t get at home. Friends and family have to work together to solve puzzles and complete an objective to “escape” in an interactive, social, and completely immersive game.

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A Turnkey Attraction That’s More Than Just Padlocks

You need more than a basic theme, second-hand furniture, and padlock puzzles to engage your customers. If you want to go this do-it-yourself route, we’re probably not the right fit. We deliver turnkey escape room experiences that WOW your customers. Plus, we want you to keep all the money you make. You can forget about fees and royalties that come along with those other escape room franchise companies.

See Exactly How Much Revenue Escape Rooms Can Generate For You


“I chose Creative Works because they are good to work with, are a long term company that has been around for years, and most of all have a high quality product.”

Jason Rapanos, Owner of Valley Lanes

Choose Your Model

Instead of forcing you to use a specific layout and operational model, we deliver 2 types of escape rooms: traditional and autonomous. This gives you the flexibility to operate in a way that makes sense for your business model and your goals. Want to see these escape rooms in action? Check out what our turnkey rooms can do for your business.


Traditional Escape Rooms

Challenge and delight every demographic! Our traditional rooms provide amazing props and total immersion. They are typically 60-minute, multi-room experiences that require about 350-500 square feet. They are longer experiences, require more hands-on attention from staff, and allow you to charge a higher price per player.

Autonomous, Self-Guided Escape Rooms

Autonomous escape rooms are designed to make your life easier. These self-guided, auto-resetting rooms are shorter, 30-minute single-room experiences in about 250 square feet. They can double your revenue-per-square-foot compared to traditional rooms while cutting down on your labor costs because 1 staff member can operate multiple rooms simultaneously.


While most attractions were struggling to generate revenue during the COVID-19 pandemic, our escape rooms were thriving for one of our clients. Watch to learn how!

See how we created our prison-themed escape room, Cell Block E.

Crave Golf Club, an established entertainment facility, decided to add our escape rooms. Learn how their revenue tripled.

The story of how we brought our Sci-Fi escape room theme to life!

Proprietary Clue System

There’s an app for that? Yes, we developed a proprietary app to make your life easier. Game masters and staff no longer have to manually provide clues to players. Players use an electronic tablet to scan codes on different puzzles and props in the room to reveal hints and clues. Our proprietary system provides a better, easier and quicker experience for both the staff and players.


Themed Storylines

Raise the bar, attract the young adult market, and inspire guests to spend their money with you again and again. Every Infinite Escapes attraction is fully themed with custom props and decor that are fabricated in-house and can’t be replicated by your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for an escape room?

    Our escape rooms are flexible enough to fit just about any size or shape space. You need 300-500 square feet for a single traditional room experience or 150-200 square feet per room for an autonomous experience. With larger spaces, we can install multiple rooms or even entire facilities!

  • What themes are available?

    We currently have four pre-scripted themes available that come in a combination of traditional (60 minutes) and autonomous (30 minutes) experiences.

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