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Turnkey Attractions & Theming for Movie Theatres

Love the profit margins of popcorn? Wait until you see what having interactive and immersive attractions will do for your bottom line!

Double or Triple Your Per Capita Revenue

Arcades and photo booths are the minimum entry point for theatres today, and mega cinemas are installing full-blown, multi-million-dollar entertainment and dining centers. (We know. We’ve worked on a few.) What can you do differently to keep moviegoers on-property longer? Add a top-notch immersive attraction with revenue that you own — and let the movie companies do the marketing for you! We know how to get creative with a selection of small-footprint, high-impact options and experience working in unusual spaces.

What Can We Do?

Just about anything. We are your full-service partner, not just a fabricator. Because adding an attraction is a business decision. Consulting, design, manufacturing, installation, and education — we do it all. And we work directly with your architects and contractors to make it happen, whether it’s a stand-alone attraction or a full entertainment ecosystem.

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