Tech-Driven, Social Golf Experiences

Welcome to the future of mini golf! Lucky Putt re-imagines this classic game for interactive, challenge-based play. It blends the nostalgic joy of traditional mini golf with proprietary technology to deliver an unforgettable social experience.

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Integrated Technology for Authentic Experiences

In traditional mini golf, everything is smaller: the putters, the holes, and the pencils. We let our imaginations take the wheel to develop a super-sized experience that will help you beat in-home entertainment. Custom FX lighting, sound, and robotics create surprise events, bringing the course to life and bringing guests back again and again.

See Exactly How Much Revenue Lucky Putt Can Generate For You


“Lucky Putt will help us expand our age demographics. Younger guests can play during the day and adults can challenge each other in the evenings over a cocktail.”


Social Gaming That Engages Millennials (and more)

Lucky Putt is designed to help you reach Millennials. These consumers are in their prime discretionary spending period, they place more value on experiences than physical goods, and they proportionately spend more of their money on entertainment than any other generation. It’s no coincidence that the top facilities in this industry are finding ways to engage Millennials, which in turn makes it easier to reach younger demographics. Want to see how patent-pending technology blended with skill challenges will engage your audience?


Dynamic Digital Experience

No paper or pencil required. Scoring is completely automated and challenge-driven, following players from hole to hole! Players simply select their names on a screen at the beginning of each challenge and sensors track the movement of the ball. Instead of tracking strokes like traditional mini golf, Lucky Putt gamifies the experience. The more points the better.

An Award-Winning Attraction

At the 2021 IAAPA Expo show, Lucky Putt took home the award for Best New Product. This prestigious award is determined annually at the show, and recognizes the best new product or service in the amusement parks and attractions industry. Now, YOU have the chance to bring this award-winning product to your facility to WOW customers and keep them coming back.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I install traditional Cosmic Golf or Lucky Putt?

    It depends on your goals. Cosmic Golf is a complementary attraction for kids that helps increase per-capita spending. Lucky Putt is an engaging anchor attraction that will drive traffic and revenue.

  • How much space do I need for Lucky Putt?

    The average space required is about 400 square feet per challenge but is dependent on the layout of your facility. The best way to know for sure is to get a consult.

  • How many challenges should I do?

    Forget 9 versus 18 holes. Mix and match Lucky Putt challenges to build your own unique experience. You can have any number of challenges in almost any size space.

  • Can I customize my Lucky Putt course?

    Lucky Putt has a catalog of challenge designs and layouts you can choose to create an exciting, tech-driven atmosphere. If you want a fully custom, themed mini golf environment, check out Cosmic Golf.

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