Turnkey Esports

A Gaming Experience They Can’t Get At Home

Get gamers out of their houses and into your facility! Game Up Esports delivers an experience that gamers dream about. Elite rigs made up of custom built computers, latest graphic cards, integrated competition software, custom desks with LED lighting, and most importantly, a social setting to engage with friends.

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The Next Big Thing for Location Based Entertainment

Capture a piece of this exploding market and attract a brand new audience — from hardcore players to school groups that can fill your facility during typically low traffic times. Plus, once inside your doors, players and spectators will spend money on food and beverage, and even check out other attractions. Transform your facility into a gamer destination with Game Up’s custom built gear and become your region’s rec league gym or home field!

See Exactly How Much Revenue Esports Can Generate For You


Features & Benefits

  • Small Footprint

  • Automatic Updates

  • Advanced Server

  • Limitless Game Titles

  • Pay-to-play Software

  • Exclusive In-Game Features

Be the Destination for Video Game Competitions

Game Up is perfect for hosting gaming tournaments, parties and group events — and for keeping everyday traffic at your facility longer. Players have full, unlocked access to game enhancements and upgrades — character abilities, skins and power-ups. Plus, through our partnerships with game studios, your setup will have exclusive features gamers can’t get anywhere else.

Esports Hardware and Software

Customize your desk configurations to get the most out of your space. Use our advanced gear to limit staffing and manage content updates. Worried about your gear becoming outdated? Don’t be. We’ve got more than enough under the hood and fantastic warranty programs with the manufacturers. Software exclusively provided by EEG.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for Game Up Esports?

    Square footage varies based upon the desk configuration you choose, but 20 square feet per player is a good rule of thumb. And we have multiple desk configurations to maximize revenue per square foot.

  • What is included in Game Up Esports?

    This is a turnkey attraction that includes everything you need to successfully operate including illuminated LED gaming desks, a robust server system, ggLeap software, powerful gaming PCs and accessories, 4k monitors, operations & marketing advice, and more. Plus, we take care of installation and training.

  • How is this different than playing Esports at home?

    Players have full unlocked access to game enhancements and upgrades, along with exclusive features that are impossible to access anywhere else. Game Up Esports also provides a social atmosphere and premium hardware that far exceed what most individuals have at home.

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