Bowlmor AMF Contracted Creative Works for Multiple Locations

Bowlmor AMF contracted us to install laser tag attractions at three locations across the Southeast: AMF Western Branch Lanes in Virginia, Bowlmor Lanes Strike Miami in Florida, and Bowlero Columbus (formerly AMF Peach Lanes) in Georgia.

We designed the laser tag arenas at the Georgia and Florida locations to look like urban battle zones; broken concrete walls reach toward the sky, steel girders lay across barriers, and smoke-filled city skylines cover the perimeter in giant murals. While the arenas at these two locations are similar, Bowlmor Lanes Strike Miami has a local flare. We included palm trees in the murals, local street names on signs, and other iconic pieces throughout the space.

AMF Western Branch Lanes has a completely different style. A military outpost creeps into a luminescent forest. Inspired by the movie Avatar, this theme has fluorescent plants and trees, thick glowing foliage, and 14’ robots that tower over the arena.

These new attractions mark a trend that has been continuing for the last decade in the bowling industry. Traditional bowling centers have been removing lanes to accommodate new attractions like laser tag arenas, arcades, high ropes courses, and other games. These attractions enhance the experience and keep customers in the doors longer, which means more revenue.

As the largest owner and operator of bowling centers in the world, Bowlmor AMF understands the value of this transition. In addition to these three locations, the company is having us install laser tag at more centers in the future, with some opening later this year!