Creative Works Installs Custom Indiana Jones-Inspired Laser Tag Arena at The Summit

We recently installed a custom Indiana Jones-inspired laser tag attraction at The Summit in Thornton, CO.

The Summit Thornton is a brand new 50,000 square foot family entertainment center (FEC) that opened in February 2019. This location is The Summit’s third in Colorado, and it features a 175-seat bar and grille, 24 lanes of bowling, a game room, and a Hidden Temple Laser Tag Adventure.

With over 35 years of experience previously working with Brunswick Retail Bowling, The Summit owner Don MacBrayne has seen how laser tag adds value to the attractions mix at an FEC.

“In the early days of Brunswick Zone XL, we determined that laser tag was a great component to the overall mix,” MacBrayne said. “Like bowling, laser tag is something that three generations of family can do together. It is a wonderful component to corporate group events and birthday parties and is generally a well-received activity for our casual guests.”

His vast experience gave him confidence that laser tag was the right choice for his attraction mix at the Thornton location. He went all-out to create an experience that customers wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Inside the Hidden Temple Laser Tag Adventure is a 2-level 4,000 square foot custom laser tag arena with interactive snake head bases, a realistic aqueduct, and a 16-foot snake tower center prop. The wall murals paint a scene of temple ruins, a rainforest, and an erupting volcano for players to feel fully immersed in the world. The entryway to the arena was custom designed for The Summit, with door signage shaped like snakes, a rainforest wall mural and a Medusa medallion.

Another reason MacBrayne added laser tag to the attraction mix was to encourage repeat play. “People are coming back for laser tag! Our arena is so unique in design and layout that people love it and keep discovering new play opportunities.”

While MacBrayne’s background is heavy in the bowling industry, he doesn’t view laser tag as a small part of The Summit’s overall experience. “We don’t consider laser tag as just an incremental [piece],” MacBrayne said. “It is a major component along with our games, bowling, food and bar. If a vest is down, it’s as critical as a lane being down.”

MacBrayne believes his emphasis on operational efficiency and customer experience will pay dividends in the future and keep guests coming back for more.

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