Creative Works Internal Explainer Videos

Here at Creative Works, we have a robust product line that every department touches to different degrees. Whether you’re a new hire or you’ve been around for a while, it can be confusing. These videos will give you a basic overview of everything we do here, so when your family asks what cool things you work on you can brag away with confidence. If you have any questions, any one of our leadership team will be happy to answer them.

Creative Works’ Legacy: The WOW Effect

Since our humble beginning in 1997, Creative Works has brought smiles to tens of millions of people over the years. We are always finding new, incredible ways for people to celebrate their successes and escape from the trials of their lives. Although we have grown tremendously since then, we strive to continue being a force for good in the world, not just for our clients or their guests, but for our own team members as well.

Project Timelines

In many ways, project timelines set the tempo for our lives here at Creative Works. They are deeply complex, and that complexity can make them seem shifty at times, so it is important to understand what exactly goes into a complete project: from making the sale to supporting it years afterwards.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is the foundation that Creative Works was built on, and we make arenas better than anyone. We innovated on the classic conception of laser tag by adding incredible, immersive environments that make players feel like they’re stepping onto a movie set to become the hero of their own story.

Mini Golf

Our expertise in immersive theming made mini golf a no-brainer for Creative Works. Going above and beyond, we have made numerous additions like our patented Electric Edging and black light Cosmic Golf experiences.

Lucky Putt

Lucky Putt is the next evolution of mini golf – a visually stunning, casual, more arcade-like experience that uses powerful tech to enable a whole new level of gameplay. Players’ scores are tracked from hole to hole using chips we install in their putters, and various obstacles and targets can sense where the ball goes.

Escape Rooms

Combining our immersive theming and advanced tech, Creative Works helped pioneer the high-end escape rooms you see today, as well created new options for operators to fit their needs. Our Escape Rooms tell a story though their environments and props and transport their players somewhere awesome.

Custom Theming

Thanks to the immense skills of our team, our theming is renowned and a huge part of everything we do. In fact, some clients outside our usual industry hire us just for our theming. We’ve created props, murals, and entire environments for places like zoos, universities, and more.

Hyperdeck VR

Hyperdeck is one of the most immersive VR experience on the market. With a full-motion platform that rocks players around, heat and wind effects, and the power of virtual reality, Hyperdeck takes all the senses on an adventure. Hyperdeck is the product of a partnership with MajorMega, who develop its games.

Limitless VR

Combining the timeless fun of laser tag and the power of video games, Limitless is the first free-roam VR of its kind. Limitless can track not only the players within an arena, but physical objects in the space as well, meaning you can reach out and touch everything you see in the headset.

SpongeBob SquarePants VR: Dynamic Duo

Another exciting product of our partnership with MajorMega, SpongeBob VR uses similar technology as Hyperdeck to create an incredible two-player game where one player races as Patrick while the other plays as SpongeBob, launching Krabby Patties to the hungry people of Bikini Bottom.


VAR BOX is an awesome arcade VR game designed for a variety of local and online multiplayer shooters. It offers a catalogue of games to choose from, and players can download the mobile app to track their progress over time and unlock cosmetic rewards as they play.


FURY VR fills a particular void in the arcade VR space – sports games. With FURY, players get to be the star quarterback making touchdown throws, or shoot hoops on a constantly changing court.


Our team visits a ton of tradeshows throughout the year, but IAAPA is the biggest of them all by far. It is a massive entertainment expo that takes over Orlando every year and there, you’ll see everything from waterpark slides to the newest bumper cars. We have cultivated a huge presence at IAAPA with a massive booth and a history of winning all types of awards.

Amusement 360

Amusement 360 is an educational event for operators that we host twice a year. At the show, our partners speak on a wide variety of topics related to running an entertainment business. We’ll also take our guests on evening tours of the Theme Factory to show off how we create our incredible attractions.