Creative Works revamps Edison’s Entertainment Complex’s laser tag arena

January 16, 2018 – Mooresville, IN – Edison’s Entertainment Complex, located in southern Illinois, hired us to remodel its laser tag arena. The 5-year-old entertainment center desired to work with our team on its initial laser tag arena, but couldn’t due to various factors. But after years of friendship, Edison’s owner Matt McSparin reached out to our president Armando Lanuti to return to the project.

“Unfortunately, we weren’t able to partner with him on his project initially due to budget and time constraints,” Lanuti said. “But, as his business has continued to grow, he sought us out to remodel and renovate his arena into his original vision.”

Edison’s renewed 3,660-square-foot laser tag arena houses two teams and can hold up to 30 guests. Furthermore, the redone arena includes the addition of a second level for more dynamic game play.

According to Lanuti, there are innate challenges when reworking existing spaces.

“There are always challenges when renovating a space versus building from the ground up. For example, we had to design around infrastructures that were already in place from his original build out, as well as design a new second-level structure to make his arena two-levels to fit the space. It was challenging, but we were able to overcome by working together with him [McSparin] and his team.”

In addition to the increased capacity, Creative Works also added new Egyptian themed elements to the arena. Players will now see ‘stone’ walls, large sphinx and cobra heads, tablets with hieroglyphics and other themed props throughout the arena. As an extra touch, the room is lined with huge, hand-painted murals of pyramids and desert scenery that place players along the Nile River. An additional Egyptian themed archway was also added to the entrance of the arena to capture the eyes of guests as they enter the facility.
In wanting to stay true to his vision, McSparin worked close at hand with our’ design team before the project moved to production. Our designers also provided McSparin with a 3D rendering of his space before construction began.

The response to the new arena has been nothing but positive since the remodeling took place.

“His arena has been doing phenomenal,” Lanuti said. “He’s been super excited. The response he’s been getting from his guests has been overwhelmingly positive, and he and his team love the new space.”

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