Creative Works Unleashes Fun at the 2023 IAAPA Expo

IAAPA, it’s one of our favorite times to throw a block party and bring out all the fun toys! But what makes it even better? Seeing the thousands of YOU who roll through our booths at the IAAPA Expo, the largest trade show in the entertainment industry. It’s a blast to witness the creativity and innovation you bring to creating unforgettable experiences for your guests.

Our mad scientists never fail to surprise and delight! From design and graphics to fabrication and tech, every department infused our booth with their passion, enthusiasm, and inventive spirit.

Limitless VR

Our Limitless attraction stole the show! The excitement was off the charts as attendees battled it out in our one-of-a-kind arena that blends physical and virtual obstacles, taking free-roam VR to a whole new level. Unlike any other free-roam VR attraction, this experience allows you to actually crouch, duck, and feel the obstacles against you. With three unique maps and multiple characters, the immersion is unreal! And hey, no licensing fees with Limitless! We’re thrilled to see it making waves in the industry.

The BIG release that came out of this year’s show was the introduction of A.I. bots! Your guest will now be able to compete against A.I. NPCs, just like in your favorite video games. More to come on this latest addition to an award-winning attraction!

Lucky Putt

We rolled in Lucky Putt to the show, introducing a brand-new hole to our catalog. The automated score tracking and cutting-edge tech under the hood added a gamified twist to the classic mini golf experience. Your guests get to enjoy a game like never before, and we’re all about building off the classics while taking that next innovative step. Did we mention Lucky Putt was awarded Best New Product in 2021?


VAR BOX never fails to be a crowd-pleaser! It’s a high-octane, arcade-friendly VR experience that brings the wow factor. What’s even better? No license fees! We’re passionate about delivering top-notch products without weighing you down with additional costs. From intense gaming to the satisfying clack of the gun, VAR BOX offers an unbeatable spectator experience in a small footprint.

Connecting, Learning, and Having a Blast!

We had a blast in the booths, and it’s all thanks to you! Connecting with each of you, learning about your goals for the upcoming year, and sharing our passion for creating unforgettable experiences. If you have questions or want to dive deeper into what you saw, we’re here to help.

If you haven’t already, check out our podcast! We even did an episode from the trade show floor!

We’re geared up and excited to help you bring new, exciting experiences to your guests. Until the next one—let the fun continue!

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