Grow your Business with a Vivid Vision Plan Featuring Armando Lanuti – Podcast Episode 35

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Episode Description

In this edition of the Memory Makers Podcast, Russ Van Natta is joined by special guest Armando Lanuti as he shares how to grow your business with a Vivid Vision plan. Armando provides key insights on ways to sustainably strengthen your business through succession planning, decision-making frameworks, and creating memorable experiences for customers, clients, and team members alike. Plus, you’ll want to stick around to the end when they discuss Creative Work’s Decision Filter that can be easily be applied to your business!

Key Takeaways

  1. Foster a culture of growth: Encourage personal and professional development among team members to empower them to take on new challenges and opportunities.
  2. Embrace experimentation: Allow your team the freedom to try new things without fear of failure. Learn from mistakes and use them as opportunities for growth and innovation.
  3. Plan for succession: Invest in creating a pipeline of talent within your organization to ensure smooth transitions and sustainable growth. Focus on developing successors who can replicate your success while bringing their unique perspectives and skills to the table.
  4. Utilize decision-making frameworks: Implement decision filters to guide your team in making strategic choices that prioritize customer satisfaction, profitability, serviceability, and consideration for the entire organization.

Additional Resources

“In this easy-to-follow guide, Herold walks organization leaders through the simple steps to creating their own Vivid Vision, from brainstorming to sharing the ideas to using the document to drive progress in the years to come.By focusing on mapping out how you see your company looking and feeling in every category of business, without getting bogged down by data and numbers, Vivid Vision creates a holistic road map to success that will get all of your teammates passionate about the big picture.”

From Keith Cunningham – “Unlock the secrets to smart entrepreneurship and discover the road that’s not just less traveled, but ‘less stupid’. With our concise rendition of this transformative guide, embrace the tools and insights that can shift your business journey from turbulent to triumphant.”

Simon Sinek offers a framework for leading with an infinite mindset. On one hand, none of us can resist the fleeting thrills of a promotion earned or a tournament won, yet these rewards fade quickly. In pursuit of a Just Cause, we will commit to a vision of a future world so appealing that we will build it week after week, month after month, year after year. Although we do not know the exact form this world will take, working toward it gives our work and our life meaning.”

Alex Hermozi – “If you knew what you were doing all the time then you would be stagnating because you would be doing nothing new. So doing something new is the catalyst for growth. And you can’t want to grow and also know everything about what you are doing because the two beliefs will contradict each other.”

Kind Candor and Importance of Soft Skills – Gary V. “You can believe in the idea that only the strong survive, but you can also lean into your humanity to understand context, empathy, etc. What do you accomplish screaming at someone to reprimand them? When did that make you want to go above and beyond when you had a customer or client screaming at you? Showing kindness in the face of the opposite is a strength.”

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