How to Reward Employees for Going Above and Beyond ft. David Dimberio of Combat Ops – Podcast Episode 46

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Episode Description

In this edition of the Memory Makers Podcast, Russ Van Natta is joined by special guest David Dimberio, owner of Combat Ops, where they discuss how to reward employees for going above and beyond in the business.

David reveals his inspiration behind joining the FEC industry, the importance of having a creative and dedicated staff, and how he creates a strong company culture and customer experience. Plus, hear insights on his future expansions and the value of engaging both kids and adults in memorable entertainment experiences. Tune in for insider tips and inspiring stories from a true Memory Maker!

Key Takeaways

  1. Creative and Dedicated Staff: David emphasizes the critical role of a creative and dedicated team, impacting customer experience and business success.
  2. Company Culture and Customer Experience: Prioritize strong company culture and exceptional customer experience. He shares strategies for maintaining high standards and a welcoming environment.
  3. Future Expansions and Engaging Entertainment: David discusses plans for expansion and the importance of offering engaging, innovative entertainment options for both children and adults.

Additional Resources

David mentions an app, Connecteam, for efficient communication amongst his staff across two locations. The app also serves as a space for employees to provide social media photos, collaborate, and problem solve together.

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