How We Made a T-Rex Prop For a Dinosaur Themed Laser Tag [Episode 20]

We Are Creative Works Episode 20

This is the twentieth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

We recently installed a dinosaur-themed laser tag arena in South Carolina.

For the theme of this arena we tried to capture a moment in time during the prehistoric era when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

There are dinosaur nests on egg crates to hide behind and scratch marks on the maze panel walls from dinosaurs making their way through the maze themselves aside from the life-sized dinosaurs painted in the murals and on top of the maze panel obstacles the most unique part of this arena is the tyrannosaurus rex head that’s over the entry of the attraction.

So, for this particular prop, we were able to find a base model of a T-Rex head somewhere between a potato and a T-Rex but it was a good enough start to work with and then in a program on our computer I did all the 3D modeling and added all the details with the bumps and the teeth and the scales and eyes and what have you and then once that was done we then created cut files for our CNC and those were done in nine inch slabs that would then have to get assembled to create the final sculpture.

One of the things that we needed to be cognizant of when we were making the prop was alleviating weight.

It was really, really large. We don’t want this putting a lot of stress on the wall.

So we created it out of one pound foam which is our lowest density foam.

We also in the process tried to find any areas inside the head that we could remove some of the material and not make it entirely hollow, but take some of the weight off.

Once we assembled everything, when we hard coated it we hard coated it rigid enough to where it was safe but at the same time not too heavy to where it would put unnecessary weight on the wall.

The T-Rex is blended into the wall with a mural that makes him look like he’s really coming out of the wall at those walking by

The 3D effect will definitely have everyone turning their heads to see the giant dino that’s popping out of the wall.

Every player is going to walk away from this arena with a memorable experience.

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