KingPins Hires Creative Works to add Laser Tag and Virtual Reality

Sunset Lanes rebranded to KingPins and opened their new location in Beaverton, OR. This project was a collaboration with us to bring new attractions like laser tag and virtual reality to the bowling center.

The KingPins brand marks a new chapter for owners Tom Burke and Jon Tang. Sunset Lanes, which sits just one hundred yards from the new KingPins facility, was closed in June to prepare for the opening of the new brand. Sunset Lanes was built in 1963, and Burke and Tang began working in guest services there when they were just sixteen years old. They eventually acquired Sunset Lanes in 1998, but in 2015 they learned their building would be torn down in 2019 for new construction. Rather than closing the facility altogether, Burke and Tang built a new facility to continue their passion for family entertainment in the community under a new name: KingPins.

With a new name and new location, KingPins in Beaverton will also offer new attractions with our help: Laser tag and virtual reality (VR).

“KingPins did a great job of adapting to the modern business strategy of family entertainment centers by adding laser tag and VR,” noted Russ Van Natta, VP of Sales at Creative Works. “When they first started as Sunset Lanes in 1963, operators could be successful with a center that only offered one attraction like a bowling alley. Today, you must have a wide variety of attractions to bring in more customers, keep them around longer to create more memories, and have them return more frequently as they become loyal customers.”

The laser tag arena features over 3800-square-feet of bright trees, shrubs, and captivating murals that encompass an Avatar-like feel and can hold up to twenty-eight players wielding laser tag equipment manufactured by Zone.

“Our Avatar-inspired laser tag theme is one of our most popular themes because of how visually pleasing it is and how relatable it is to both kids and adults,” Van Natta said.

In addition to Avatar-inspired laser tag, KingPins also has an arcade that appeals to both young and older audiences. The arcade offers a mix of classic arcade games and virtual reality.

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