Limitless is Now Available in a 6-Player Format

We’re excited to announce a new 6-player size for the Limitless free roam VR attraction.

Limitless is the only free roam attraction that is mapped with physical props in the arena. When players see and touch a wall in the virtual space, they feel the wall in the real world. This merging of virtual and authentic worlds has been a game-changer for VR attractions.

6-Player Limitless

This new 6-player size only requires a 20’ x 30’ footprint, making it accessible for just about any operator. This format joins the existing 8-player and 16-player Limitless layouts that are already available.

The 6-player size has all the same features and benefits of the larger formats, including an open air design, free roam game mechanics, and smartphone assisted onboarding.

“Limitless provides an amazing player experience that’s easy to learn and difficult to master. This new size format makes the attraction fit more easily into a venue, especially for operators who are looking to upgrade from an existing VR experience.”

Armando Lanuti, President of Creative Works

Other New Features

Haptic Guns: We are also launching the fully integrated Striker Mavrik-Pro haptic guns for all Limitless attractions. These guns have virtual recoil, haptic engines, and active touch inputs, making the gaming experience even more intuitive and immersive for players.

Limitless Haptic Guns
Striker Mavrik-Pro Haptic Guns

Player Accounts: You want to keep guests coming back, and the persistent player accounts help to make this happen. Players can create a free account from their mobile device, choose their avatar, and choose their gun skin. Just like the most popular at-home video games, players will be able to unlock new skins and avatars in the future. This account technology is the foundation for future developments, including multi-venue tournament play, stat tracking, and leaderboards.

Next Steps

Want to see exactly how much revenue Limitless can generate for your venue? Access the online revenue calculator here. If you’re ready to take the next step so you can WOW your customers with this amazing attraction, request a quote today!