Marsha Brentlinger Retires from Creative Works

Marsha Brentlinger retired after spending more than 6 years in the family entertainment industry as an Experience Consultant with Creative Works.

When Brentlinger began working in the entertainment industry in 2012, it was quite a transition for her. She had previously spent 25 years in financial services, working for large companies with thousands of employees. After more than 2 decades, she was tired of the corporate world and tired of traveling 3-5 days every week.

Brentlinger wanted to continue working in sales, but in a new environment. “I wanted something that was a little different, and certainly Creative Works proved to be more different than I could have ever imagined,” commented Brentlinger.

Armando Lanuti (President) and Jeff Schilling (Founder) hired Brentlinger to add more experience to their sales team. The industry and products were new to her, but anyone could learn those. Lanuti and Schilling saw huge potential in the formal sales training she received in the corporate world; they knew she could help deliver value to their clients.

During her 6 years with Creative Works, Brentlinger had the opportunity to bring value to hundreds of operators around the world. This turned out to be her favorite part about the industry. Brentlinger added, “I loved the people. It was a pleasure getting to know them and help them achieve their dreams and goals.”

Brentlinger is proud of what she and Creative Works accomplished; she always put the client first and delivered what was promised.

“I want to thank Marsha for everything she has done for our company,” commented Lanuti. “She made a huge impact over the years and was a big part of the growth we’ve experienced. I wish her all the best in her retirement.”

Now that Brentlinger is retired, she can focus on personal time with her husband and dogs. They purchased an RV and plan to take road trips across the country. Unlike the travel she experience during her career, this will be leisurely travel at her own pace.

After all, that’s what retirement is supposed to be: enjoying one’s life at one’s own pace.