Meet Sean – Theme Team [Episode 7]

Theme Team – Episode 7

This is the seventh episode in a series called Theme Team. In these videos, we introduce you to our amazing staff and show off how they deliver the WOW effect in everything they do. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hi, I’m Sean Williams. I’m the Production Manager here at Creative Works.

My father did 23 years in the Army and then, after graduation I enlisted into the Air Force. I did seven and a half years, got out of the Air Force and went in the army for eighteen months, both my father’s time in the military and mine instilled in me a set of core values and they start with integrity, service before self and that’s what got me to where I’m at in life.

I love the diversity of what I do here.

On any given day, I might be at a computer one day, the next day I might be standing in line with my crew building walls or figuring out how to assemble a new prop that we’ve created but my favorite part is when I have the opportunity to go on an install.

You get to see firsthand the fruits of your labor. You get to see the excitement in your client’s face and then, if you have the opportunity to actually get to see kids play it that’s the best part.

That’s what we do. We create fun for families.