Our Laser Tag Arenas Just Got a Little More Epic

We’re excited to announce a re-brand of our themed laser tag arenas, which are now called Epic Arenas.

Since our inception in 1997, we have installed hundreds of laser tag arenas around the world. The industry has changed a lot in the last 19 years, and we have always evolved the laser tag experience to meet new market demands. As the product evolved, the brand evolved with it.

The Epic Arenas re-brand coincides with this new company website we launched in June, 2016. We want to harness these changes to deliver a total brand experience that resonates with business owners and operators.

“We believe in creating smiles, sparking imaginations, and making people happier through memorable experiences,” commented Danny Gruening, Chief Marketing Officer. “The name ‘Epic Arenas’ aligns with these beliefs and epitomizes everything we hope to accomplish with our laser tag arenas.”

Although the brand is changing, the people and the promise behind the brand are not. At Creative Works, we have always and will always design, fabricate, and install our arenas in-house.

To learn more about Epic Arenas and how laser tag can improve your business, visit our Epic Arenas page.