The Pit brings online gaming experience to life with laser tag arena

December 5, 2017 – Mooresville, IN – The Pit Indoor Kart Racing, a North Carolina-based entertainment facility, approached us to update its pre-existing laser tag arena. This marks the first renovation of the original space since opening the arena in 2008. According to Creative Works vice president of sales Russ Van Natta, this renovation shows the dedication to modernizing The Pit’s guest experience.

“They were somewhat familiar with laser tag,” stated Van Natta. “But it was not ‘today’s’ laser tag based on the equipment and the arena they were running. They recognized that and they wanted to step it up to the next level.”

The arena echoes an urban battleground environment inspired by scenes found in popular gaming series such as ‘Call of Duty’ and ‘Battlegrounds’. The walls depict a skyline filled with fighter jets and Apache helicopters battling for aerial superiority. Additionally, the rubble from destroyed buildings wrap around the arena, enclosing players within a war-ridden cityscape. Brick and metal barriers with military symbols and graffiti web throughout the space, telling a narrative of two teams fighting for dominance. The Pit designed their new arena with Millennials in mind by striving to bring the online gaming experience to life.

“That’s something where we worked with the owner and his son to come up with the best layout and theme,” Van Natta said. “Based on the demographic and target market they were pursuing that complimented their go karting operation. We designed in some raised platforms to bring in elevation changes and strategic pathways to help bring that ‘online gaming’ sensation to life. Our goal is to make guest the main character of their story, so I think we managed to do so in this arena.”

Though installation finished in January of this year, we continue to offer education and operational support to The Pit’s ownership during site visits and follow up calls.

“Since installing, we have gone through and taken photos of the new arena,” said Van Natta. “During that visit, we noticed a few small inefficiencies that might’ve been helpful to improve their operations as we walked through. We want to empower our clients with good tools and good operational techniques.”

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