Adventure Beyond Reality with Free Roam VR

Your customers can step into the action in a whole new way. Limitless is an immersive, free roam VR attraction with physical props and barriers in the playing space. This free roam VR product has the capacity, throughput, and gameplay to generate huge revenue. Plus, you can change the theme with a click of a button. Don’t settle for less when you can go Limitless!

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Free Roam and Free Smiles

Free roam means guests are not tethered by cables, so they can move freely through the space and have an experience that’s impossible to replicate at home. Plus, Limitless has an open air design so customers in your venue can see others playing. They see the smiles, the action, and the celebration, and this creates a line of customers that keeps growing. After all, nothing draws a crowd like a crowd.

See Exactly How Much Revenue Limitless Can Generate For You


Features & Benefits

  • Highest VR Capacity on the Market

  • Fast ROI

  • Merge the Virtual and Physical

  • High Throughput

  • Social Competition

  • High Replayability

  • Multiple Themes

  • Premium US-Based Support 7 Days/Week

Merge the Virtual and the Physical

There are a lot of free roam VR attractions, but all other options have an empty space as the game play arena. There’s no bridge between the virtual and authentic worlds. Limitless is different; it’s mapped with physical props in the arena. When you see and touch a wall in the virtual space, you feel the wall in the real world. This merging of virtual and authentic worlds is a game-changer you MUST experience for yourself.

High Capacity and Big Revenue

There are multiple size formats to fit your needs: 6-player, 8-player, or 16-player stand-alone. All have the amazing gameplay features guests will love, and the 16-player system is the largest free roam VR product on the market. This means you can easily churn through birthday parties, group events, walk-ins, or any other type of customer.


Limitless Realms to Explore

Limitless missions blur the line between the game and reality as players are are dropped into one of several virtual Realms: the frozen wastelands of Polar Vortex, the humid jungles of Temple Falls, or the chaos of the Orbital Station suspended miles above a distant planet.

Click to watch the Worlds Tour trailer

Player Accounts

You want to keep guests coming back, and the persistent player accounts help to make this happen. Players can create a free account from their mobile device, choose their avatar, and choose their gun skin. Just like the most popular at-home video games, players will be able to unlock new skins and avatars in the future. This account technology is the foundation for future developments, including multi-venue tournament play, stat tracking, and leaderboards.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Limitless a turnkey attraction?

    Yes! The 6-player, 8-player, and 16-player stand-alone formats are fully turnkey. You have the space, and our team installs everything you need to open and operate this free roam attraction.

  • How much space does Limitless require?

    With multiple size variations, you can find the right fit for your venue! The 6-player format is 20’x30′, the 8-player format is 20’x40′, and the 16-player format is 40’x40′.

  • How many themes do you have?

    Limitless launched with 3 virtual themes (called Realms) that can be changed with the tap of a screen, keeping the experience fresh for your guests. Plus, we have more Realms in development.

  • Do I need to staff this attraction?

    Yes, this attraction requires a staff member. But the good news is that you don’t need tech geniuses to run Limitless. We’ve developed very simple touch-screen interfaces to make it easy for your team to manage the experience for customers.