Story vs Sport – Which Laser Tag is Best for your Business?

There are two types of players who will visit your facility to play laser tag. It’s important to know which type of player brings in the majority of revenue – in other words, the type of player you should target.


The overwhelming majority of customers who visit your center want an immersive, story-driven experience. These customers (birthday parties, walk-ins, corporate groups, etc) generate most of your revenue.

They crave a story-driven experience because they want to feel like the characters in popular movies, tv shows, and video games. This is why we take inspiration from pop culture to create environments that are fresh, but also timeless.


You’ll also likely have a small subset of guests who regularly come in and play laser tag competitively as a sport. You’ll want to create memberships or special promotions during the slower weekdays for these players.

This way, the game will feel more exclusive for them. Plus it prevents them from coming in and dominating the birthday parties on the weekends.

Who Should You Target?

When you create a story-driven experience, you’ll also attract the sport players. The arena will have a balanced design for advanced gameplay and team strategies. Plus the equipment will have a lot of expanded features these players will enjoy.

But if you focus solely on the sport players, you’ll alienate the majority of your customers who crave something more immersive. This will limit the revenue and impact of your attraction.

This is an easy business decision. Install a story-driven arena to focus on pleasing the customers who bring in the most revenue, and the small group of competitive sport players will follow.

Form AND Function

If you have a laser tag that looks amazing but doesn’t function properly, it won’t be successful. On the flip side, if your attraction is perfectly functional but is lacking an immersive environment, it won’t be engaging for guests. When story-driven laser tag arenas are designed properly, you get a great balance of form AND function.

At Creative Works, we partner with the best laser tag equipment companies in the industry so you have choices and can find the right fit and function for your needs. Our team uses our 20+ years of experience to integrate this equipment into a gorgeous and durable environment to take your laser tag experience to the next level.

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