We Brought Laser Tag to a Brand New FEC Near D.C.

Watch our exclusive interview with Party HQ owner Rodney Chambers above.

Recently, we brought a D.C. battle-themed laser tag to the highly anticipated FEC in Bowie, Maryland, Party HQ.

Party HQ is a brand new FEC in the Bowie, Maryland area, about 12 miles northeast of Washington D.C. Playing off their location, the business’ slogan is “Best party from the beltway to the bay.”

“We are branding ourselves the hometown family entertainment center. We are born and raised right here in Maryland,” says Party HQ owner Rodney Chambers.

“We are branding ourselves the hometown family entertainment center.”

To live up to such a slogan, Party HQ knew they needed strong anchor attractions that provided immersive experiences and replayability. After searching around the market for different attractions to add, Chambers and his crew decided to work with us to add a custom laser tag.

Chambers became familiar with Creative Works and our products during the Amusement 360 event back in July 2019. Through education and networking, the event provided Chambers with the knowledge he needed to facilitate the creation of his dream FEC, Party HQ.

Chambers at the Amusement 360 Event in June 2019.

“It was very informative. We learned a lot about what to do, how to do it. Getting a chance to meet other owners and visit different laser tag arenas in the area was really big for us. We learned a whole lot there,” said Chambers about the event.

For the laser tag, Chambers and Party HQ wanted a unique theme that you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else. They decided on a custom “Urban Battle for D.C.” theme. “I wanted to really capture the essence of Washington D.C.” explains Chambers.

The arena includes custom props for the theme, including White House and Washington Monument props, and a Pentagon platform in the middle of the arena. Another unique aspect of the arena is the bases, which are interactive metro trains, one blue and one red.

Party HQ also wanted plenty of interactive elements in their arena to challenge players and add to the immersive environment. Without a doubt, the highlight of the arena is a large Air Force One prop that hangs from the ceiling and has interactive targets. Players are able to shoot their phasers at the lights on the prop, allowing them to earn more points and providing a challenge outside of the normal player vs. player laser tag battles.

In addition to laser tag, Party HQ also has bowling, about 50 arcade games, and a restaurant and bar called “The Parent Trap”.

Party HQ is projected to open in September, 2020.