We Collaborated with 814 Lanes and Games on 2 Attractions

Recently, we installed two of our immersive attractions at 814 Lanes and Games in Johnstown, PA.

About 814 Lanes and Games

814 Lanes and Games is a rebranded FEC from owners Chris and Bobby Hogue. The new facility was formerly a traditional bowling center that the two brothers were intent on transforming into a full family entertainment center. “Our goal was to capture the market within 45 minutes as the premier destination for family entertainment with first class attractions that are unique to our area,” said Chris Hogue.

For the new entertainment business, the Hogues were interested in bringing in attractions that were unique to the area, as there were not a lot of entertainment destinations in the area prior to 814 Lanes and Games. The Hogues had been planning their project for a while, and after getting in touch with us, they began to form their plans.

As a step in the education process, the Hogues attended the Amusement 360 Event to learn about operating an entertainment venue. “The event was very informative and the smaller scale allowed us more 1 on 1 time with vendors. The site visits were informative as well,” said Chris Hogue about the Amusement 360 Event.

Choosing the Attractions

The Hogues started working with us on two attractions: escape rooms and laser tag.

For the escape rooms, 814 Lanes and Games became the very first facility to install our new escape room theme, Cell Block E. The escape room experience puts participants in a challenging situation where they attempt to escape a jail cell.

“We loved this concept. A true escape! We actually had to change our design and architectural drawings because we loved it so much and wanted it over other options. The themed renderings and idea of actually escaping from jail immediately attracted us to it. Being the first to use it is something we can also have some pride in,” said Chris Hogue.

Customer Reactions

The Hogues were ultimately happy with how the concept of this brand-new escape room theme turned out. “The level of props is fantastic. People are blown away by how real the effects are on the aged metal doors.”

For the laser tag, 814 Lanes and Games went with a post-apocalyptic theme. This theme incorporates props of large vehicles in a war-torn environment. “Our arena is unlike any in our area…so people are blown away. There is a helicopter and a hummer coming out of our walls, so it’s pretty rad,” commented Chris.

Nick Salfity, the Creative Consultant for the project, was thrilled to see the project come to life for the Hogues after all their hard work. “Bobby, Chris, and the rest of the team were super fun to work with. Seeing them at IAAPA, Amusement 360, and just knowing how hard they worked to get this project off the ground is very rewarding to see,” said Salfity.

814 Lanes and Games is currently open to the public, and the pairing between the Hogues and Creative Works has been a success. “Creative Works has listened to our feedback and addressed anything we are uncomfortable with and adjusted ideas to fit into the concept of what we are trying to present to our customers. They are truly a partner in our success.”

For more information about 814 Lanes and Games, visit To learn about the process of creating the new escape room theme, check out our video about the fabrication process.

To get more information about our escape rooms, including the new Cell Block E, click below to download the free escape rooms presentation!

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