We Installed New Infinite Escapes Attractions in Multiple Facilities

Shortly after unveiling Infinite Escapes, we have already installed our new escape room attractions at three facilities: Adventure Quest Laser Tag in Louisiana, Funopolis in Georgia, and Eastern Shore Lanes in Alabama.

Escape rooms are exploding in popularity right now, and they are perfect attractions for experience-driven family entertainment centers. In these attractions, guests progress through a series of rooms to find clues and solve the puzzles in order to “escape.”

These three family entertainment centers (FECs) saw a great opportunity with Infinite Escapes to offer more diverse attractions to their existing guests and drive in traffic from untapped demographics. While some are waiting to see how escape rooms pan out in the FEC environment, theses operators saw the core elements of any successful attraction: story-driven, social, and immersive. A growing number of operators recognize these traits in escape rooms and are pouncing on the opportunities these attractions bring.

We currently offer two themes for our Infinite Escapes attractions: Pharaoh’s Revenge and Inventor’s Workshop. Pharaoh’s Revenge is designed to be an ancient stone structure at an archaeological dig site. Guests travel deeper into the Egyptian tomb to solve the puzzles and break the Pharaoh’s curse. Inventor’s Workshop recreates Victorian-era England with a steampunk twist. Guests are detectives who enter the home of the recently-deceased inventor in order to find his will before the bank arrives to seize his assets.

We installed the Pharaoh’s revenge theme for Adventure Quest Laser Tag and Funopolis, while Eastern Shore Lanes received both themes.

“We’re very happy with it,” commented Suzanne Provenzano, owner of Adventure Quest Laser Tag. Suzanne’s Marketing Director, Mike Ward, has seen firsthand how customers are reacting to these fully themed escape room environments. He added, “We had a couple people say they forgot they weren’t actually in an Egyptian tomb. That’s been really cool to watch them be immersed in that environment and forget about everything else. That’s what it’s all about.”

Our team is thrilled to see how customers are responding, but we’re also focused on the future. “Our company has been building themed attractions for 20 years, and we love creating these memorable experiences for guests,” commented Armando Lanuti, Vice President of Creative Works. “We’re looking forward to installing more of these attractions and announcing additional themes to our lineup very soon.”

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