We’ve Partnered With MajorMega to Bring Hyperdeck VR To New Markets

We’ve teamed up with MajorMega to bring their Hyperdeck virtual reality attraction to more markets.

Under this new partnership, we have become the exclusive distributor for MajorMega products in North America. We will be bringing decades of immersive attraction experience to sell, install, and support Hyperdeck and other soon-to-be-released products.

“We recognize the need to continue bringing new experiences and attractions to our clients,” commented our President Armando Lanuti. “The team at MajorMega has created an amazing attraction in Hyperdeck, and they have more incredible experiences in development. It was an easy decision for us to partner with them and we can’t wait to bring these attractions to our clients.”

Hyperdeck is a virtual reality attraction that features a full-motion floor allowing players to pitch, roll and rumble, providing a theme park level experience with zero motion-sickness. Multi-sensory effects combined with heat and hurricane wind simulation take player immersion to an unprecedented new level.

Hyperdeck even allows spectators to join in on the thrills of the game. With spectator play, they can drop power-ups and perks to help active players, or increase the challenge with well-timed explosions.

MajorMega first launched Hyperdeck in 2019. Hyperdeck has already become a proven product, with 8 units already in the field, and many more orders in the pipeline.

“The location based entertainment industry is in for a wild new attraction,” commented Jay Miller from MajorMega. “Our partnership with an industry leader like Creative Works is exciting for our MajorMega team.”

“Virtual reality has come so far in recent years. For most operators now, it’s not a question of whether or not to add VR. It’s a question of how many VR attractions to add,” said Lanuti. “With MajorMega in our family of products, we can help operators find the best solutions for their businesses.”

We will be hosting a combined webinar with MajorMega on March 31 to officially roll out Hyperdeck and announce another new product that will hit the market this year.

Operators can register for this webinar at