We’ve Partnered With Make-A-Wish to Grant Wishes and Create Memories

In a new partnership, we will be working with the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, to help them grant wishes to children who are ill or have lifetime diseases.

Our mission statement and core belief is “to create powerful emotions and memories through immersive attractions,” and we’ve always preferred a “hands on” approach to giving back. When the opportunity arose to partner with Make-A-Wish, we immediately said yes. Wishes and memories go hand-in-hand, so it was a no-brainer for us to partner with an organization whose mission and values so closely align.

“Granting a wish can be so impactful for the lives of these kids, both emotionally and mentally, and it can just be a boost for their entire family as they all walk through this healing process together. Because of that, and our desire to not just write a check and smile from afar, we’re partnering with Make-A-Wish here locally,” said Kimberly Schilling, Owner of Creative Works.

In our first month of partnership, we’ve already helped Make-A-Wish grant 3 wishes to children battling illness, with several more projects lined up. Two of these projects were bedroom renovations for children. While a trip to Disney is often thought of as the “typical wish,” a few children wanted big upgrades to the rooms that they spend so much time in. We were able to use our talents to design, fabricate, and install decorations, furniture and murals to transform the look and feel of the rooms.

One of our muralists paints a dreamcatcher mural as part of one of our Make-A-Wish bedroom renovations

“I’m beyond blessed to be part of Creative Works and to see the way that we can change lives with the attractions that we build for those around the globe. But this specifically is something that really is fulfilling for me and gets me up in the morning, to see a way that we can give back to a family here locally,” commented Schilling.

Bear mural for one of our Make-A-Wish projects

As part of our partnership, we also recently provided several props for the Make-A-Wish gala in Indianapolis in August. The props were set up throughout the venue to enhance the decoration and provide photo ops for the guests in attendance.

A giant prop that our team created for the Make-A-Wish gala

“We have worked with Make A Wish for the last several years, granting wishes through donations and fundraisers. Having the chance to provide such moments for those in need through Make-A-Wish is nothing short of amazing. This year we have started to get more directly involved, with our team using their unique artistic talents and craftsmanship to help facilitate room makeovers and decor for fundraising events, while I have joined the board in hopes to provide a unique perspective from an experiential entertainment company,” said our President, Armando Lanuti.

As mentioned in the quote above, Lanuti also now sits on the board for the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. This position for Lanuti will help the two companies grow closer together, fabricate more creative solutions, and ultimately grant more wishes while creating more memories.

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