Why Bowling Has Stayed Relevant for Over 100 Years ft. Sarah Malott of QubicaAMF – Podcast Episode 47

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Episode Description

In this week’s episode of the Memory Makers Podcast, Russ Van Natta is joined for an insightful conversation with Sarah Malott from QubicaAMF, highlighting why bowling has stayed relevant for over 100 years. In our first episode of the Amusement 360 Partnership Series, Sarah shares how bowling was the ‘original social network’ while also hitting on how operators can drive success by embracing modern trends and creating all-inclusive, engaging environments. They explore the integration of mini bowling, duckpin bowling, and high-tech experiences in diverse venues, from boutique hotels to family entertainment centers.

Key Takeaways

  1. Bowling as the Original Social Network: Sarah emphasizes bowling’s long-standing role as a community hub, appealing to all ages and abilities due to its social nature.
  2. Modern Adaptations in Bowling: Innovations like mini bowling, duckpin bowling, and string pinsetters make bowling more accessible and cost-effective, allowing various venues to offer these experiences.
  3. The Importance of Food and Beverage: High-quality food and beverage services are crucial in modern bowling centers, enhancing the social experience and driving increased patron spending.
  4. Leveraging Unique Offerings for Different Audiences: Creative programs, such as senior leagues and partnerships with retirement communities, attracts diverse groups and expands the appeal of bowling centers.

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