2022 Product Showcase Recap

Didn’t make it in time for our IAAPA Product Showcase? Don’t worry! We have all that valuable information available here before you come see us at booths 4072 and 4271.

If you’ve been to IAAPA before, you know that it is a MASSIVE undertaking. Just exploring the aisles to see every booth is almost 10 miles of walking. Plus, there are a number of educational seminars you’ll want to attend (our very own Armando Lanuti and Danny Gruening will each be speaking). Because of that, we recommend putting together a plan ahead of time to make sure you’re able to see the things that are most important for your goals and your business.

Our team has been around the IAAPA block plenty of times. We took all of those lessons learned over the years and put together this guide so that we can pass the experience on to you. Make sure to check it out and organize an ideal plan to squeeze the most out of your time at IAAPA.

Without further adieu, let’s talk about the attractions you can expect from us this year at IAAPA and beyond. We have a lot to show off and some very exciting new things in store!

What to expect at our booths this year

Limitless VR (Best New Product of 2022 finalist)

The future of free-roaming VR attractions is here! With up to 16 players at a time, this is the highest capacity VR attraction on the market and now we’re offering it in even more form factors to fit any venue. Limitless VR blends a physical arena with the magic of VR to create an unparalleled experience in arcades. Come feel the difference at booth 4271 this year!

Show special and financing:

  • 8 Player Stand-Alone: Introductory Price of $69,900 (Normally $75K), OR 0% financing for 12 months
  • 16 Player Stand-Alone: Introductory Price of $160,000 (Normally $175K)

For more information about Limitless VR:

Lucky Putt (awarded Best New Product of IAAPA 2021)

Imagine everything you love about mini-golf, now wrapped up in a more casual, high-tech, arcade experience that tracks your guests’ profiles from hole to hole. Each hole is incredibly unique and we’ve added 4 new designs this year.

Show special:

For more information about Lucky Putt:

Hyperdeck VR

Even in a world where VR is quickly becoming a staple for every entertainment center out there, Hyperdeck is truly an experience unlike anything else. Featuring a full motion platform, immersive environmental effects and 4-player action, Hyperdeck is a powerful attraction. We are excited to announce the latest high-octane addition to the Hyperdeck library: Die Zombies!

Show special:

  • Get the Hyperdeck package, including Die Zombies, for $199k

For more information about Hyperdeck VR:

SpongeBob SquarePants VR: Dynamic Duo

The most beloved children’s franchise in the world is making a splash in arcades near you! This unattended 2-player arcade VR experience combines the action of traditional racing arcade machines with cutting-edge VR, a full motion platform, and wind effects to immerse your guests in Bikini Bottom like never before. This is one of the best earners in arcades anywhere.

Show special and financing:

  • Free Shipping for Continental U.S. (Lower 48 States), OR 0% financing for 12 months

For more information about SpongeBob VR:


Provide your sports fans with an active, arcade-easy VR attraction that is unattended, has a small footprint, and an extremely high throughput. FURY VR offers two games in one machine; Hoops Madness and Football Frenzy, with more games to come. In addition to our traditional head-to-head 2-player option, we’ve added FURY VR: Solo for an even smaller footprint.

Show special and financing:

  • Solo Unit
    • $23,655 for the Unit (Normally $24,900), OR 0% financing for 12 months
    • $25,935 for the Unit and the Second Title 1st year (Normally $27,300), OR 0% financing for 12 months
  • Duo Unit
    • $45,000 for the Unit (Normally $50K), OR 0% financing for 12 months
    • $49,560 for the Unit and Second Title 1st year for both players (Normally $54,800), OR 0% financing for 12 months

For more information about FURY VR:

Too many cool things to fit in one place…

Laser Tag

There’s a reason laser tag has been one of the biggest money makers at entertainment venues for decades. They’re eye-catching and fun for all ages… and we make them better than anyone else. Step up your game with a one-of-a-kind launch room that will fully immerse your players in the game before it even begins.

Show special:

For more information about Laser Tag:

Cosmic Golf

Who doesn’t love mini golf? It’s one of the fastest growing attractions in recent years but guests expect a visual environment that blows their socks off every time. With our patented Electric Edging and stunning projection mapping, we can make you a vibrant mini golf course that your players will never forget.

Show special:

For more information about Cosmic Golf:

Escape Rooms

We don’t just build escape rooms to be the most immersive experiences possible with high quality props, puzzles, and effects. We also build them to make your life as an operator easy and even create fully autonomous rooms that reset themselves and minimize downtime between groups. Plus, we’ve added Slime Works  to our catalog – an escape room just for children, who are surprisingly one of the most underserved demographics for escape rooms.

Show special:

For more information about Escape Rooms: