Hyperdeck VR

Theme Park Experience In Your Entertainment Business

WOW your customers with a theme park level experience in your entertainment business. Hyperdeck is shattering expectations of what virtual reality attractions can provide. This VR machine of the future combines environmental effects and motion simulation to create amazing thrills with zero motion sickness. It’s not science fiction or a beta prototype. It’s the robust and proven Hyperdeck attraction.

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Hyperdeck is a Must-Play VR Attraction

Hyperdeck delivers an immersive multiplayer experience for your customers. Up to 4 guests can play in a space less than 300 square feet, maximizing throughput and revenue potential. This attraction fits almost any location-based entertainment business model, from theme parks to FECs. The General Manager of Attractions & Entertainment Hershey Park calls Hyperdeck “an absolute must-play.” Click below to watch the case study video.


See Exactly How Much Revenue Hyperdeck VR Can Generate For You


Features & Benefits

  • Multiplayer

  • High Replayability

  • Small Footprint

  • Fast ROI

  • Social Competition

  • Environmental Effects

  • Reservation System

  • Spectator Play

  • Premium US-Based Support 7 Days/Week

Players Love It!

Some companies love to talk about the technical specs of their attractions. Sure tech specs are cool, but the customer experience is what matters most. After playing Hyperdeck, customers say things like “It was one of the most exciting experiences of my life!” Want to learn how Hyperdeck can help you deliver these kinds of reactions at your business?


Environmental Effects

Hyperdeck incorporates real-time practical effects to make the experience feel more real.

Heat – Heat engulfs players through lava fields, explosions, and more.

Wind – Wind effects rush over players, simulating light-speed warp or a freefall through the skies.

Motion – Players feel rumbles underneath and heave, pitch, and roll while soaring through the skies.

Growing VR Game Library

Hyperdeck has a foundation of incredible exclusive games for your customers. Plus there are new games being developed, and we can’t wait to share more about what’s in store!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much space do I need for a Hyperdeck?

    Hyperdeck is designed to be compact and this 4-player attraction takes up less than 300 square feet for a 4-player system.

  • What is actually included in the purchase of a Hyperdeck?

    We deliver, install, and support everything you need to be successful. That includes the fully themed structure, high-end computer tech and hardware, motion controls & environmental effects, proprietary software, access to full game library, operation and marketing advice, and more.

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