Action 500 Adds Huge Tactical Laser Tag Arena

Canada-based Action 500 contracted our team to design and install a custom urban tactical-themed laser tag arena to its entertainment facility in Montreal. The laser tag attraction is unique; it has a custom theme, but more importantly it functions as a double arena.

This laser tag arena was built to be used as either two separate arenas or one giant landscape of a laser tag universe that resembles popular war video games. When the doors separating the two arenas are opened, the combined playing space spans over 8,000-square-feet, complete with tanks, airplanes, and weathered terrain.

Players can get immersed in over 30 scenarios of tactical missions or team-based battles. Because of their ability to scale up or down, Action 500 is able to cater to both small groups and large parties as well as both young and older audiences. They offer group packages for kids, bachelor parties, corporate outings, and schools and camps.

“We faced some unique challenges when building this double arena,” said Creative Works Vice President of Sales, Russ Van Natta. “The guest flow and customer playing experience were completely different from a traditional laser tag attraction. The design had to make sense as both a single large arena, and two separate arenas. The end result is a unique project that looks great visually and allows Action 500 to scale for different sized groups.”

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