Meet Tori – Theme Team [Episode 1]

Theme Team – Episode 1

This is the first episode in a series called Theme Team. In these videos, we introduce you to our amazing staff and show off how they deliver the WOW effect in everything they do. Below is a transcript of the video.

I used to draw a lot of picture books when I was little, to tell stories and then over time I just kept drawing. My name is Tori and I’m a part of the design team here at Creative Works.

I have a cat named Skunk and she’s pretty great. I was a big gamer growing up and then I also was a big movie buff so, naturally, my nerdiness coupled with my drawing skills kind of brought me here.

When I first started at CWI I actually started in the paint department painting murals and props. After almost a year in paint, I moved up into design and now I’m working on concepting the props that I used to paint, like concepting new paint styles for them as well as concepting new murals. Really it’s just great being able to have a sense of what the paint department needs from me on the concepting end and having that open communication to be able to aid them in their mural creation as well as working with them to get great renders on props.

One of my favorite aspects about creating laser tags is creating a new world for players to go to. It’s not just about going to play laser tag. It’s about going to experience a whole other realm. It’s been quite the ride. It’s great.