Why Booby Trap Escape Rooms will only use Creative Works

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Amy Palmer, general manager of Booby Trap Escape Rooms in the Wisconsin Dells, about her experience working with us to install six escape rooms and the success it has driven for their business. If you’d like to work with us to create your own success story, reach out here and our sales consultants will help you craft your perfect attractions.

“When we initially decided that we wanted to add escape rooms, we looked into other companies, we thought about doing it ourselves. Ultimately, we decided to go with Creative Works. We were blown away by their theming. You walk into the rooms and you really get that ‘wow factor.’ They’re great, you’re totally immersed in it.”

“We really enjoyed the tech side of their escape rooms. You didn’t feel really bogged down with props and stuff. It gave the room a very clean, open feel that we were a big fan of. And then, of course, their customer service has been phenomenal from the beginning when we initially reached out, all the way until where we are today.”

Slime Works Escape Room

“Running an escape room business is a little bit all over the place. We kind of jumped in and didn’t know where we were going with it, but Creative Works has definitely made the path a little bit easier. Like I said, working together, having them help us out with the training, the theme recommendations, all that kind of stuff, and really supplying us with that turnkey product which is what we were looking for.”

“The fact that they come and when they leave you have everything from the room, the design, the props, and even your bible, the book on how to solve everything in the room. It’s just phenomenal really.”

“Four years ago we started with two rooms, and now we have six rooms including Slime Works and Cell Block E, all of them from Creative Works. The reason we’ve continued to use Creative Works and will continue to use Creative Works is, first of all, the theming is phenomenal. Our customers really enjoy their rooms. They’re blown away by what they look like when they walk in, but also the support and the customer service that we receive from Creative Works along the way. They grow with you, they help you along the way with the rooms, and you don’t feel like they just install your rooms and leave you.”

Singularity Escape Room

“So now that we have six rooms from Creative Works, some of them four years old, we’re still seeing great performance from all of them. On a rainy Saturday, we’re booking open to close on all the rooms. Cell Block E has been hugely popular since we installed it, but we’ve got the classics like MayDay, which is always a great one for larger groups. We see a lot of return on that and it kind of depends on the week. Sometimes Pharaoh’s is in the lead and sometimes Inventor’s. You know, we really see a good balance of people wanting to come back and play all those rooms still.”

“So as you know, we put a lot of people through and the rooms get used heavily. The best part about Creative Works is they’re willing to listen and help us along the way. So if there’s a prop that maybe is getting worn too fast or the customers are not really loving a puzzle, they’re completely open to working with us to make a puzzle a little bit better, make it more user-friendly, or you know, send us new props that maybe are built to last a little bit longer. So that’s the best part, is they’re willing to listen and grow with you, and not just leave you hanging with something that’s not working quite right.”

“Working with Creative Works for as long as we have, we’ve definitely gotten to know everyone there. Like I said, the support from them has been phenomenal. It’s definitely a great team, you get to know people individually and they understand your business and are really willing to help you out along the way.”

“Anyone who is looking at Creative Works, we definitely highly recommend them. Like I said, everything from the theming which, I can’t say enough, people are just blown away by how great it is. When you walk in, it’s so immersive. The tech side of things, you just don’t see a ton of that in escape rooms. You know, you don’t have all the dirty props and the stuff to put away, it’s just such a clean look with all the tech. And like I said, I can’t say enough about the customer service and the support. They’re always there, they’re willing to work with you, and come up with a solution always that works for you, as well as works for them.”

-Amy Palmer, General Manager at Booby Trap Escape Rooms