Bringing A SciFi Escape Room Theme To Life: Singularity – We Are Creative Works [Episode 8]

We Are Creative Works Episode 8

This is the eighth episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on.

Hi, I’m Michelle. I am the head of the Graphics Department at Creative Works.

This is our fourth escape room theme. We wanted to do something that we’ve never done before. And that’s: Create a spaceship.

There are so many different types of space themes, so we’re pulling from all over the place, all these very popular space themed movies and video games and whatnot.

Richard came up with the story and started making all these puzzles that were interactive with games and whatnot. From there I took what he had created And I kinda gave it a I gave it a backstory, made a script out of it, gave characters names and a purpose why they’re here, what company they’re working for, and what’s going on.

We wanted the name is Asteria to be the AI assistant behind the ship.

Basically, think of like mother from Alien.

So, she’s everywhere watching, she’s in control of many things.

When we first started talking about Asteria we knew that she was going to talk a lot. So I knew I had to get a voice that really give this AI system a personality and character, all of her own because she she is a huge part of this escape room.

So I started doing some experimenting around and I put it forward and everyone was like, “Yeah! “that sounds pretty good,” so that’s what we went with. I love doing voice over work for the escape rooms.

When it comes to an escape room the details matter. When you enter an escape room, you look around at everything. You’re trying to find anything that will help you get out of this room.

So anything that I design I try to make fun and very easy to get your information from. I like a big finish. I like something that, when it is revealed, you’re like “Whoa! That’s really cool!”

So I took this idea of rewiring an artificial intelligent brain and, I looked at visual references of what people would expect a brain map to look like, so the neurons firing and all the little different connections that go to the brain and reacts with it.

This was a whole new style of escape room than we’ve done in the past. It was fun.

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