Ryan Family Amusements Adds Multiple Attractions to Cape Cod Mall Location

Ryan Family Amusements (Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery) contracted us to install three escape room themes and a custom laser tag arena for their Hyannis, MA location in the Cape Cod Mall.

Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery has a history of success in the past and is building on that foundation for the future. Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery started as an eight-lane bowling alley under the post office in Needham, MA over sixty years ago. Since then, the company has opened over twelve family entertainment centers (FECs) in the Massachusetts and Rhode Island area.

The additions to the Hyannis location show their commitment to provide a variety of options to their customers.

“They have recognized the need to diversify attractions and create more opportunities for guests to spend more time and revenue when visiting their centers,” said Creative Works VP of Sales, Russ Van Natta. “With an attraction like escape rooms, it will not only provide new revenue streams, but help grow existing food and beverage sales on top of that,” Van Natta said.

The attractions that we installed are popular for both younger and older audiences, giving Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery the ability to target more demographic groups.

In a world where businesses fight to stand out, customized products are important. We helped Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery accomplish this goal by designing and installing a custom-themed laser tag arena. The 2400-square-foot arena puts players on the streets of Cape Cod to battle it out around props that remind them of the local scene, including a huge lighthouse prop, giant murals of the ocean, and street signs.

For those who are into solving puzzles, Ryan’s Ten Pin Eatery offers three escape room themes that transport guests to another world: The steampunk-themed “Inventor’s Workshop,” a cursed archaeological dig called “Pharaoh’s Revenge,” and an underwater submarine adventure, “Mayday.”

“It was a big project for us, but it all came together in the end and will help Ryan Family Amusement maintain long term success,” Van Natta said.

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