Find Ways To Give Back To Your Community

Thinking Out Loud – Episode 16

This is the sixteenth episode in a series called Thinking Out Loud. In these videos, Armando Lanuti, the President of Creative Works, shares some of his thoughts on business, leadership, growth, operations, and anything else on his mind. Below is a transcript of some of the points he discusses in the video.

Hey everybody!

Today I’d like to talk about something that’s very important to me and to us at Creative Works.

We believe in creating powerful emotions and memories for those in our facilities and our attractions that we build all over the world, but it’s not just about that.

It’s also about those in our community and those for our own team members.

So today we’re actually at Coburn Place, a shelter for those that are victims of domestic violence and I brought 25 of my team members down here who have decided to volunteer their time and their energy and we’ve raised funds to get new mulch and and really do something unique for these guys here and give them something to smile about.

Especially for the moms right here before Mother’s Day.

So, our amazing artists are creating this great mural as part of their play area. We fix some of their playground equipment. We’re planting flowers, getting mulch, and all that kind of fun jazz

It doesn’t take a lot. Find out what your unique ability is and find ways to give back. Something that us as business owners. That’s what we do it for.

How can we create an impact on those around us both on our teams with our guests, but also in our community?

Think about it. See if that’s something that you guys can do as well.

And we’ll talk to you soon

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