Creative Works Provides Turnkey Esports Experience for Multiple GameWorks Locations

We installed our turnkey Game Up Esports attraction at GameWorks locations in Newport, KY, Schaumburg, IL, and Minneapolis, MN.

Esports are organized video game competitions that occur both locally and globally through the Internet. Game Up Esports is a turnkey attraction that leverages the popularity of this rapidly growing global phenomenon. Entertainment facilities like GameWorks generate revenue through parties and events, organized tournaments, and walk-in traffic.

GameWorks built a reputation as a leader in gaming with their own self-built Esports lounges. When they first discovered Game Up Esports at IAAPA Expo 2018, the company saw the potential of this turnkey attraction for their future growth and expansion.

“With a 20-year track record and solid reputation in the gaming and entertainment space, we’re leveraging our leadership position in competitive play, arcade games, food and entertainment. GameWorks is the only entertainment concept that now offers an entirely integrated entertainment experience, combining the popularity of Esports with the most in-demand arcade and redemption games, exceptional prizes and an eclectic, chef-driven restaurant. It’s truly an exciting and transformative time for our Company and the industry,” said Philip N. Kaplan, chief executive officer at GameWorks.

GameWorks represents the leading edge of operators who leverage gaming innovation in family entertainment. From their firsthand experience building gaming lounges, the company recognized the value of partnering with us to build their Esports attractions; value in cost efficiencies, support, and overall convenience.

Many other operators in the entertainment industry are starting to explore Esports to understand how it can impact their businesses.

“The entertainment industry is constantly evolving, and it’s thrilling for us to build new attractions that will excite customers,” commented Armando Lanuti, President at Creative Works. “Game Up Esports is a gorgeous centerpiece that engages customers, and it’s designed to make life easy for operators. We provide everything including custom desks and chairs, computer hardware and accessories, advanced servers, and game management software all in a single turnkey package.”

We partnered with ggCircuit to deliver the game management software. This cloud-based software handles payments, leaderboards, and prize redemption. In addition, it will automatically manage all game updates and patches in the background, so there’s no manual work for operators. Most importantly, it provides exclusive in-game features and character abilities that customers can’t access at home.

“From soup to nuts this has been the easiest roll-out we have ever done. Armando and team delivered as promised, on time, on budget and under the gun for delivery,” said Darren Des Roches, COO of GameWorks, Inc.

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