Crafting Foam Props for an Undersea World – We Are Creative Works [Episode 11]

We Are Creative Works Episode 11

This is the eleventh episode in a series called We Are Creative Works. In these videos, we show off different projects that our talented team is working on. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hey guys my name is Cydney. I’m a sculptor here in the Foam Department at Creative Works.

I just finished working on some foam tree props that are going out to a miniature golf course in Marco Island, Florida for JW Marriott.

And our client particularly asked for mangrove trees which are commonly found in Florida and are characterized by this really intricate root system which we definitely wanted to capture, but also simplify a little bit so we typically start out with reference images that come from our Design Department and then we’re coming up with a build plan for the props, ultimately deciding how they look in the end.

So, what we decided with this particular piece of the project is to add a little bit of structure into the roots because the foam is a little bit delicate in that area.

So, we came up with this internal wooden structure that basically acts as a skeleton for the foam. From there, we use a variety of hand tools here in the Foam Department to take the foam down further.

We use a sawzall which is more of like a construction tool, but we find it pretty useful here. It takes a lot of material away in a short amount of time.

And from there, we’re just using surforms and sand paper to fine tune the different areas that we need to.

Then we send it out to our hard coat room where we cover it they protective resin surface and then it goes on to our Paint Department. So, these trees, along with all of our other props, get a basic paint job and then goes off to the site we’re it’s installed and then final details are applied there on site to make sure that the environment blends all together.