Creative Works Announces New Lucky Putt Product

We have announced Lucky Putt Golf, a technology-driven social attraction for entertainment businesses, the first of which will be installed at Andretti Indoor Karting & Games in January 2020.

We found a way to modernize this popular past-time and incorporate proprietary software, sensors, and triggers to take the experience to a new level.

“This attraction is a game-changer for entertainment venues,” commented our President, Armando Lanuti. “We worked hard to create a super-sized experience unlike anything else on the market. I think we have something truly special.”

Lucky Putt Golf

The patent-pending Lucky Putt attraction combines proprietary technology with the social and fun experience that made mini golf so popular. Players no longer use pencils and paper to keep track of scores at every hole (AKA challenge). With Lucky Putt, all of that has been automated.

The process is incredibly easy for players. They simply register at the giant touchscreen kiosk and then scan their putter at each challenge and sensors in the course track the movement of their ball.

Lucky Putt Golf

Lucky Putt gamifies the mini golf experience; the more points, the better. The scores are automatically calculated by the software and the totals follow each player from one challenge to the next. The automation of scoring allows players to focus on the social aspects of the Lucky Putt experience.

Lucky Putt debuted at IAAPA Expo 2019 and garnered a lot of positive feedback.

Eddie Hamann, Managing Member of Andretti, purchased the first Lucky Putt attraction for the new location in Katy, TX and looks forward to being on the leading edge of social entertainment.

“[We are] all about providing experiences that allow families to spend time together. I believe Lucky Putt will expand our age demographics by allowing younger guests to visit the location during the day, while adults can experience it in the evenings while having a cocktail and enjoying our first class food choices.”

“I believe Lucky Putt will expand our age demographics”

Lucky Putt Golf

We have been collaborating with Andretti Indoor Karting and Games for many years. The team looks forward to installing Lucky Putt in early 2020 to help Eddie and his team create more memories for guests.

“Creative Works has been a key partner to our growth. They understand where we want to take our brand by giving us products that are unique to the environment we want to create for our valued guests. Also, they are just good people to be around who are very passionate about our amazing industry,” comments Hamann.

“Creative Works has been a key partner to our growth.”

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