We Brought Pacific Northwest-Themed Laser Tag To Langer’s Entertainment

We recently completed a project with Langer’s Entertainment to bring a unique sawmill-themed laser tag attraction to Langer’s highly anticipated family entertainment center (FEC) in Sherwood, Oregon.

The facility opened September 2019 and also features bowling lanes, an arcade, rock climbing walls and high ropes courses.

Matt Langer, President of Langer’s Entertainment, had been dreaming of running an FEC for many years. In fact, he grew up on the farm land that would eventually become Langer’s Entertainment.

The Langer family has deep roots in the Sherwood community and exhibits an affection for the local culture that is unmatched by most business owners. “My two daughters are 6th generation Sherwood so we’ve got a lot of passion for our little town of 19,350 residents,” says Matt Langer.

Langer's Entertainment Laser Tag

Matt and his wife Nikki began exploring and researching the industry around 2006-2007. Shortly after, while attending their first industry event in Las Vegas, they had a meal with Creative Works President Armando Lanuti. The three of them immediately made a great connection during their two hours together and the Langers’ spark was ignited. “He described many aspects of the FEC world and got us off-the-ground,” explained Matt Langer.

The Langers made sure to do years of research and analysis before jumping into the industry. In 2015, they had enough data formulated to begin the design and construction process. According to Langers, their “entire facility is designed around the concept of commemorating the history of the timber industry, Sherwood, the Langer Family and Oregon.”

Part of their research process was attending the 360 Event in February 2019 where the Langers learned all aspects of operating a family entertainment center.

To match the facility’s timber theme, we collaborated with Langer on a sawmill-themed laser tag arena. Langer says that the goal of the laser tag theme is “paying homage to the history that established this amazing community and a large part of that is rooted in the timber/logging industry.”

Langer's Entertainment Laser Tag

The laser tag arena is two-stories and covers 5,032 square foot. Creative Works and the Langers took inspiration from many local staples, including Multnomah Falls, Mount Hood, Steens Mountain, and Crater Lake in Oregon.

However, without a doubt, the crown jewel of the attraction is a giant Sasquatch prop that towers over the arena. “Big Foot or Sasquatch is a common Pacific Northwest folklore that is still commonly seen today in a variety of media. It’s just a fun way to connect the community to the laser tag experience,” comments Langer.

Langer's Entertainment Laser Tag

The facility also has expansion phases that are set to begin in 2021 to further establish their status as “Oregon’s premier family entertainment destination.”

The unique design of Langer’s laser tag arena has left players and industry professionals impressed. “I’ve heard some pretty exciting positive feedback from many local friends who’ve played our arena. When I walk an industry professional thru for a tour, they all seem pretty blown away,” says Langer.

“Words really can’t express how much I recommend Creative Works.”

Langer and his team were extremely impressed with Lanuti and Creative Works throughout the process. “Armando truly is a kid at heart and his team is empowered to execute on the most creative dreams we can imagine. Words really can’t express how much I recommend Creative Works.”

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