We Host First Amusement 360 Event of 2024 with Record Attendance

Creative Works hosted the first Amusement 360 Event of 2024, an educational event that placed a primary emphasis on uplifting the way operators engage their staff and guests, which resulted in a record attendance.

The event took place from April 23rd to 25th, in Indianapolis, Indiana and brought a record registration of 117 new startups and existing operators. The aim was to reignite the core motivations that drive operators within the amusement industry – creating powerful memories, spreading joy through smiles, and recognizing the indispensable role their venues fulfill within their local communities.

Amusement 360 featured 16 expert speakers who presented on a wide variety of topics. The full list of speakers at the event included:

  • Armando Lanuti, Creative Works
  • Russ Van Natta, Creative Works
  • Danny Gruening, Creative Works
  • Kimberly Schilling, Creative Works
  • Adam Kleinhenz, Shaffer Distribution
  • Britannie Betti, Betson Enterprises
  • Courtney Drahos, Party Center Software
  • David Wallace, Turfway Entertainment
  • Frank Price, FL Price
  • Genevieve Sullivan, TrainerTainment
  • Jason Barnaby, Fire Starters Inc.
  • Jerry Merola, Amusement Entertainment Management
  • Kashif Ahmad, Embed
  • Kevin Loughery, Prospr Communications
  • Kevin Lonzo, Lonzo Law
  • Pat Shroll, Trifecta Management Group

Creative Works secured a special keynote presentation by Jason Barnaby. With his expertise in igniting “the fire starter within”, Barnaby hit on critical topics such as burnout, self-talk, mindset reset, limiting beliefs, and team synergy. His presentation empowered attendees to embrace their inner hero and unlock their full potential in both their professional and personal lives.

In addition to the educational presentations, Amusement 360 included in-depth operator interviews, giving attendees an exclusive glimpse into the practices of businesses that have achieved remarkable success. Those interviews featured Don MacBrayne, Former Chief Operating Officer of The Summit, Chris King, President at Monster Mini Golf, and Jay and Tina Mrozek, Co-owners of Blacklight Adventures.

According to survey results from attendees, 100% of respondents reported learning valuable insights that significantly boosted their revenue, improved profitability, and helped them become better leaders.

Carrie Redman, an attendee, shared a glowing review of Amusement 360, saying, “Best event ever attended! Anyone who wants to grow your business, meet other operators, and learn how to take yourself and your team to the next level, this is THE event to attend!”

Check out all the photos taken at the event HERE!

The next Amusement 360 event is slated for September 10-12 in Indianapolis.

Interested individuals can secure their spot by visiting the official Amusement 360 Event website at