Grand Station Entertainment Increased Mini Golf Revenue by 30%

We partnered with Grand Station Entertainment to completely reimagine their black light mini golf course. Scott Logan, the GM of this venue, shared his experience of working with our company, why they chose us as their vendor, and what the customer response has been since they opened the new course.

After our team installed this new attraction in December 2022, Grand Station Entertainment saw immediate results. They were able to increase mini golf revenue by 30% in 2023. This increase was a result of two factors. First, they saw a jump in play counts when the new course opened. Second, they were able to charge a higher price point for the improved golf experience.

This 9-hole course features a unique layout. Instead of being hidden inside another room, Grand Station Entertainment has a half wall surrounding the course. The sight lines are open and guests walking through the venue can see the entire course. This creates excitement and acts as a marketing tool to get more customers interested in playing mini golf.

If you’re ready to renovate an existing attraction to increase mini golf revenue and create a better guest experience, request a quote today!