Creative Works Rebrands LaserTAG360 To Amusement 360

Our leading attraction education program, LaserTAG360, has been rebranded to Amusement 360 and will include upgraded training initiatives for startups and operators.

LaserTAG360 started in 2011 as an event designed to help operators open immersive attractions at new or existing family entertainment centers (FECs). The event originally focused on laser tag. But over the years, we expanded the content to deliver a 360-degree education that applies to any attraction.

The new name of Amusement 360 makes it more apparent that the initiative goes well beyond laser tag. Danny Gruening, our VP of Marketing, explained the decision to rebrand.

“For many years, our educational content has covered all aspects of entertainment development and operations. The new Amusement 360 name more accurately represents the content we’ve already created. And it allows us to continue building new content to cater to the evolving needs of operators in this industry.”

Amusement 360

The education event has grown substantially for us over the last few years and 2019 saw a record number of attendees. In addition to the event, we wanted to provide additional educational materials, industry discounts, and training and operations initiatives for FEC operators.

The new Amusement 360 program consists of three main pillars: 360 Event (formerly the LaserTAG360 event), 360 Insights, and 360 Training. The 360 Insights allow operators to jump in right away with free educational articles and videos on the website. The 360 Event is 3 days of amusement education for both startups and operators. And the brand-new 360 Training provides personalized, on-site attraction training for employees and owners.

Amusement 360

For those who attend the 360 Event, there’s an added bonus. They will gain access to 360 Advantage, a collection of exclusive discounts, deals, and offers from the partners and vendors who support Amusement 360. The total value of these discounts exceeds $20,000.

The first 360 Event will take place on February 18-20, 2020 in Indianapolis, IN. Two more events are scheduled in 2020: June 8-10 and October 6-8.

“This event is one of my favorite parts about working in this industry,” commented Gruening. “I love bringing together aspiring entrepreneurs, operators, and industry experts for multiple days of learning and networking. We have some amazing content planned for 2020, and we expect all 3 events to sell out.”

“We have some amazing content planned for 2020, and we expect all 3 events to sell out.”

Creative Works has had the pleasure to educate hundreds of operators over the years and looks forward to continuing to assist many more operators in any way possible. Brit Jacobs from Langer Entertainment LLC says the event is “A must for the owner considering building or upgrading a facility. Would recommend revisiting every 3 years at a minimum.”

“I learn something every time, even though we’ve been in the business as long as we have,” adds Joe Aboid, owner of Putt Putt Fun Center.

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