Energize your Mini Golf Course with Electric Edging

After months of research and development, we’re thrilled to announce an invention that will change mini golf forever: Electric Edging.

Mini golf is a fun, family-friendly attraction that has been successful for operators around the world. But as technology improves and customer expectations increase, we have to stay ahead of the curve to deliver something truly amazing. The best way to create these amazing experiences is to leverage technology to make the mini golf course interactive.

We realized mini golf designers had been using the same brick-like edging materials for decades. We focused on fixing this.

Our team wanted to design a frosted or opaque material for the edging that could be illuminated internally. After months of designing, prototyping, and testing, we found the perfect solution.

Electric Edging is a patent pending product made of highly durable plastic composite material. The internal LED lights illuminate your mini golf course in a way that’s never been done before. Not only does it look visually stunning, but there are endless possibilities for making the edging interactive with triggers and DMX controls.

In-home entertainment is the biggest challenge for any entertainment business. If you want to get customers off the couch and in your center, you have to provide amazing experiences they can’t get at home. Electric Edging transforms your mini golf course and delivers the amazing experience you need.

If you need new attractions to fill in the gaps and increase your per-capita revenue, mini golf is your answer. Or even if you already have mini golf, you can update your course with Electric Edging, new props, and enhanced murals.

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