Meet Joel – Theme Team [Episode 8]

Theme Team – Episode 8

This is the eighth episode in a series called Theme Team. In these videos, we introduce you to our amazing staff and show off how they deliver the WOW effect in everything they do. Below is a transcript of the video.

Hi, my name is Joel and I’m a Carpenter here at Creative Works.

I’ve lived in Indianapolis pretty much my my whole life.

In my early twenties I was a graphic artist for awhile.

I didn’t find wood working until I got into college at IUPUI.

And I started doing furniture making classes which led me down the road to working for a flight case manufacturer doing fabrication with a lot of wood and metal materials.

I’d been in that business for about 20 years and when I found this place and actually saw what we do here I was like, “wow!”

It’s exciting to see the end result because from the time it goes to Design to the Wood Department, all the way over to painting and the finished work it’s amazing when it’s finally done.