Entertainment Industry Acronyms to Know

Recently, we had a new employee start at our company. One of the things we quickly realized is that our entertainment industry is FULL of acronyms. And yes, it can be very difficult to learn them all!

With that in mind, we put together the resource below as a guide to learning the common acronyms in our industry. Read on to learn them all! We bet there’s a few that that you might not know…

AALARA – Australian Amusement Leisure & Recreation Association
AAMA – American Amusement Machine Association
AMOA – Amusement & Music Operators Association
ASA – Area of Sport Activity
AR – Augmented Reality
BEC – Bowling Entertainment Center
BCM – Bowling Center Management (magazine/publication)
BPAA – Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America
EAG – Entertainment, Attractions & Gaming International Expo
F2FEC – Face 2 Face Entertainment Conference
F&B – Food and Beverage
FEC – Family Entertainment Center
IAAPA – International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions
IATP – International Association of Trampoline Parks
IBI – International Bowling Industry (magazine/publication)
LBE – Location Based Entertainment
PPP – Paycheck Protection Program
ROI – Return on Investment
RSA – Roller Skating Association
SBA – Small Business Association
TAP – Tourist Attractions and Parks (magazine/publication)
VR – Virtual Reality
WWA – World Waterpark Association

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