We Installed Locally-Inspired Laser Tag and Cosmic Golf at Atomic City

We recently installed our laser tag and Cosmic Golf attractions, along with custom theming, for the new Atomic City Family Fun Center in Paducah, KY.

Atomic City is a new, unique FEC that is heavily themed to represent the distinctive and interesting past of Paducah. Many years ago, Paducah was the site of nuclear war testing, and Atomic City wanted that history ingrained in their facility.

Cosmic Golf at Atomic City

“The name ‘Atomic City’ is a reflection of Paducah’s past with its relation to the mission of national security and nuclear energy in the 60’s and 70’s. At that time, Paducah had the nation’s only strategic uranium enrichment plant used by the defense department in the production of atomic bombs. Thus, the nickname ‘Atomic City’ was born,” said John Perry, one of the owners.

For the owners of Atomic City, the focus was on creating a fun, family environment where people could put their phones down, disconnect from the digital world, and create important family memories together. “We never know what tomorrow will bring, so it’s important to cherish the time you have with family now.”

Hummer prop at Atomic City

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Perry decided the best strategy was to be aggressive and move forward during a time when most other businesses were being conservative. “Timing is everything, and we are a very optimistic group of owners. We were betting that Covid would not last forever. And with job losses at an all-time high in our area, we decided that now was the time to move on our dream.”

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After deciding on the name and theme, the next step for Perry was to figure out which attractions would be a part of the facility. Opening a new facility can take years of planning, but Perry’s preparedness was a huge advantage for Atomic City, and they were able to move forward quickly to achieve their goals. After very thorough research, Perry contacted us with a detailed vision of what they wanted to accomplish.

“We knew our facility would have a laser tag arena and a glow golf attraction, so when planning our attractions we studied many many family fun centers across the country, both online and in person. We found a few that stood out with outstanding theming and artistic value. The one thing those amazing facilities had in common was Creative Works. After seeing the difference between facilities that were average, and family fun centers that used Creative Works for theming, we immediately knew we had to bring Creative Works onboard to create a one-of-a-kind experience for our customers,” explained Perry.

We worked with Perry to come up with a battle-themed laser tag, 18 holes of Cosmic Golf with Electric Edging, and custom theming throughout the facility, including a large red atom prop with the facility’s name and logo.

“John and the team did their homework from the beginning. They knew what their vision was, and knew how to make it happen. This made the process extremely smooth and allowed the project to be finished quickly and efficiently,” said Creative Works Creative Consultant Nick Salfity.

Prior to Atomic City, Paducah-area residents had to drive to Nashville or St. Louis to experience glow golf or high-end laser tag, according to Perry. As a result of this, and because of the local theming, guests of the new FEC have been thrilled with their experiences.

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“Our laser tag and golf theming utilized specific local landmarks that customers are familiar with. The feedback has been extremely positive from our customers. We hear comments daily on how much our patrons appreciate that we have created an amazing experience right here in Paducah with the locally-themed laser tag arena and cosmic golf attractions,” said Perry.

Cosmic Golf at Atomic City

Based on the success of his project, Perry had many positive things to say about his experience with Creative Works. “From the first preliminary phone call to the last stroke of paint on our completed attractions, Creative Works has been extremely attentive to every detail from start to finish. Their project team helped us through the process, with both creative suggestions and technical plans. We got a big bang for our buck, and would absolutely recommend Creative Works to any operator whose intention is to have their facility stand out from the rest.”