We Hosted A Successful Amusement 360 Event with Record Attendance

Our team hosted a highly-anticipated Amusement 360 Event on April 25-27 in Indianapolis. The three-day event drew a record registration of more than 110 attendees, consisting of existing amusement venue owners and new startups looking to open their first venue.

The Amusement 360 event provided attendees with a unique opportunity to learn how to build a more profitable business. We organized more than 14 hours of programming and brought in 18 speakers to present on a wide variety of topics, including local PR, influencer marketing, habit building for training, group sales strategies, food and beverage programs, and much more.

Eddie Hamann and Stan Manousos from Andretti Indoor Karting & Games

In addition to the educational presentations, we also hosted in-depth interviews with three different operators. Zach Johnson from Rev’d Up Fun talked about how he created sustainable growth, Craig Buster from Coconut Bowl shared his journey to become the Top FEC in the World, and Eddie Hamann and Stan Manousos from Andretti Indoor Karting & Games shared their model for how they have scaled into a nationally recognized entertainment brand.

Networking with other operators and entrepreneurs is one of the most important aspects of any successful event. We scheduled plenty of time for attendees to meet one another, build relationships, and create a greater sense of community during breaks, dinners, and site visits.

“Amusement 360 is such an amazing, well run, well organized event. The quality of speakers, interviews, and sponsors is top notch! This has become a don’t miss event.”

Sandy Johnson, Rev’d Up Fun

The event also featured presentations that went beyond the tactical operations of a venue and helped attendees become better leaders. The highlight was a keynote presentation by Scott Harvey, a former FBI-trained hostage negotiator, where he shared tactics to speak with confidence and build more influence.

Scott Harvey delivering his keynote on communication

“We are thrilled with the success of this Amusement 360 event. We strive to provide the amusement industry with the resources and knowledge they need to thrive, and we are grateful for the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from attendees.”

Armando Lanuti, Creative Works

​​“What I learned in 2 ½ days would have taken many years of real world trial & error experience to achieve and understand.”

Jeremy Hamilton

The next Amusement 360 Event is September 19-21, 2023 in Indianapolis. Speaker and schedule details will be announced soon, and early registration is now open.

More information can be found on the event website at