Taking VR Gaming to the Next Level: Professional Esports Team Competes in Limitless

Limitless, our newest free-roam VR attraction, has taken the location based entertainment industry by storm! Recently, a professional Esports team took on the challenge of Limitless while attending IAAPA Expo. This thrilling VR experience tests players’ skills in both the virtual AND physical, in an immersive free-roam VR experience like never before.

One of the unique features of Limitless is the LITERAL merging the virtual and physical elements. Players can move around freely in a physical area that they can also interact with physical obstacles and barriers unlike any other free-roam VR. This makes it feel like they are genuinely part of the game. The team quickly adapted to this mobility and took advantage of the physical barriers as they worked together to battle it out in the game’s virtual world.

Limitless is an excellent addition to any FEC venue looking to offer an immersive and challenging VR experience to their customers.

Visit our Limitless Revenue Calculator page to see how much Limitless can make for your venue. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take VR gaming to the next level!